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Bake and taste with your young chefs!Bring your special little one(s) into the kitchen with you for a wonderful bonding and learning experience.  We provide you with recipes, tips, educational info, activities, and non-parishable supplies; you provide the love.


Your little one(s) will be able to make a mini dish while you create a larger one to share with others.


Perfect gift for little ones and for adults who want to spend time with a little one but needs help figuring out quality time.

Let's Bake a Bundt Cake

    • Cake Kit
    • 2 Flavored Gelatin Mixes
    • Sprinkles
    • 2 Bundt Cake/Jello Molds
    • Mixed Fruit Cups
    • Aprons
    • 1 Select Utensil
    • Cloth For Clean-up
    • Oven Mitt
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