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We are B.E.A.K. Entertainment Group, LLC (“B.E.A.K.”), a concierge event planning and hosting company licensed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

B.E.A.K. was founded by four lifelong friends who have a zest for life and seek to create and host events that create lifelong memories for attendees. B.E.A.K.’s primary goal is to create personalized events that leave a host feeling special and guests feeling a part of a one-of-a-kind event. Additionally, B.E.A.K. is managed by educationally advanced professionals who can also format training and development sessions that will leave participants knowledgeable and prepared to propel a business to the next level.


B.E.A.K. was born out of friendships and the experiences that friends and families share.  We hope to make every experience hosted or planned by us, one that you will not soon forget.  Give us an opportunity to provide you the time of your life!

Flower in Sunlight

Beverly Jones is your favorite entrepreneur's favorite entrepreneur. Having successfully started several businesses, Beverly brings an extra layer of professionalism to every event. Beverly also is a certified breathing instructor who aids in maintaining a calm and focused planning environment. As if she does not do enough, Beverly has also done extensive work with criminal justice reform.

Erron has always been THE go-to planner in her personal life and in professional settings. Former educator and chef, she enjoys helping others through the stresses of event planning because she finds joy in sharing those memories with clients. Erron believes each event should be as unique as the people she is coordinating for. She has an eye for different aesthetics and loves customizing perfect themes for each event. Sees brings a “can-do” attitude to everything she does to create a positive impact on those around her.

With a legal and managerial background, event coordinator and host, would be the last titles that you would expect Anise to hold but here she is!!! One-fourth of B.E.A.K., Anise is 100% of fun and experience. A lifetime lover of culinary confections, Anise is not only committed to providing clients with unique event experiences and tastes, but she also is the owner of Esina Global Spices, a “from me to you” spice blend company that makes use of regional flavors from around the world to create a travel experience that requires no passport. Anise’s motto is Carpe Diem and wants everyone to live their best lives!

For more than a decade, Kim's friends and family have deferred to her as "the organizer." As a managing member of B.E.A.K., she specializes in creating and maintaining order and protocol. She has developed business manuals and forms for several companies and sole proprietors. Her organizational skills will ensure your event stays on track.

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